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Where are they now? Corey's SEE Program Success

12 May 2017 - Corey completed the SEE Program in September 2015 – so where is he now?

Students work really hard while they’re on the SEE program, trying to gain those skills they need to get into a job or further education. It’s great to catch up with them a year or so down the track, to find out how they’re getting on.

When Corey joined the program at the age of 18 his life was not at all how he wanted it to be. He’d been without a permanent home since he was 15 and had had to drop out of school as a result, so he’d lost contact with most of his old friends. He’d been waiting years for a place of his own, and found it hard to stay positive. 

He carried on waiting, and came to the program to work on his literacy and numeracy to make sure he was ready when an opportunity arose.  His love of all things that move – cars, bikes, boats – and his ability to turn his hand to anything practical, encouraged him to think about an apprenticeship. All he needed was a home of his own.

At last! Corey found a place to live in the inner-northern suburbs and he was finally ready to turn his life around. In addition to the usual English and maths Corey (and the rest of the class, who were more than happy to join in) began a crash course in managing bills, dealing with utilities, landlords and so on, as well as shopping and cooking on a budget.

Excursions to Footscray Market became a regular event, to buy ingredients for the recipe the group had chosen together. The group would all go home and try the recipe out for ourselves, and if any of the class were particularly proud of their dish (and hadn’t eaten it all) they would bring a sample to class. Corey’s sausage and pumpkin curry was a personal favourite.

As Corey came to the end of the program, he was ready to launch his career. It began at the end of 2015 with the Certificate II in Automotive Body Repair Technology run by Hand Brake Turn in Sunshine.  He was a superstar – they even discussed the possibility of his staying on to help out with future classes. Then along came Hoppers Crossing Smash Repairs, who offered him work on a trial basis, which before long led to an offer of full-time employment.

And now? Corey has just completed his first year with Hoppers Crossing Smash Repairs and is going strong. He has reconnected with his family and made new friends, including one very special one. Emily and Corey have been together for nearly two years now and are expecting their first baby in September.

Corey’s patience, persistence and determination have been truly remarkable. Well done – everyone is really proud of you!

For more information about SEE, contact us or call 03 9689 3437