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WCIG Youth SEE Program: Jayden Smith – A Great Story

14 Feb 2017 - A fantastic outcome for one of our SEE Program participants

Jayden joined the SEE Youth class in April 2016.  He’d made it to year 11 in high school before deciding that mainstream school just wasn’t for him. He thought the class would help him to make sure his literacy and numeracy skills were of a good standard, before starting an apprenticeship in painting and decorating. 

Jayden was pretty quiet to start off with. Leaving school before the end of year 12 is never easy.

Joining a small group of young people, all trying to make better lives for themselves, turned out to be a great decision for Jayden. He soon made friends, and his confidence grew steadily.  While working on his literacy and numeracy, he spent some time reflecting on what he was good at and what he really wanted to do, which turned out NOT to be painting and decorating.  

He loved art, and had a great time on our trip to Fitzroy and Collingwood to look at all their wonderful street art. He worked on his skills and ended up designing the class Christmas cards – his first commission. He also loved cooking, and really enjoyed trying out new recipes in the class kitchen. On his last day of class we went to Footscray Market for fresh ingredients and he cooked us the best apple pie any of us had tasted – not even a crumb left over. 

Interestingly enough, Jayden’s chosen career direction ended up being the electrical industry, as employability in the industry is excellent and he discovered that maths came very easily to him. He worked on his numeracy skills, making sure any gaps were filled, and when it came time to do the assessment for his pre-apprenticeship in electrotechnology, he couldn’t believe how easy the test was.

On the 7th of February, just under a year after joining the SEE program, Jayden started his Certificate II in Electrotechnology at FutureTech in North Melbourne.  Thanks to his mum, who has been a terrific support throughout, he already has an employer lined up for when he starts his actual apprenticeship later this year.

Jayden was also lucky enough to be awarded a WCIG Board Scholarship to help with his studies – the Dell laptop he received is in daily use.

We wish Jayden all the very best in his studies and his career – we’ll miss him.


Joanna Jones

SEE (Youth) Trainer