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Latest News: The First DARE to be DisABILITY Friendly Steering Committee Meeting

12 Sep 2017 - WCIG's new disability awareness education program DARE (Disability Aware & Ready to Engage) – to be DisABILITY Friendly.

The first DARE Steering Committee meeting was held on Monday 4 September at the WCIG Metro West Footscray office.

This meeting was attended by 11 amazing individuals who generously gave their time to make a valuable contribution to the development of the DARE program. It is immensely pleasing to have heard from such a diverse group.

For those unfamiliar with the new DARE program currently in development, DARE is a new program by WCIG which will provide FREE disability awareness education and training, which will be available to social and community groups, sporting and leisure groups and employers.

The DARE program is based on 3 areas:

Understanding Disability
Understanding Discrimination
Disability Action Plans

At our initial steering committee meeting, there was a lot of positive discussion and everyone had a chance to provide their input. It is important to us that these meetings are held in a safe and friendly environment where everyone is free to contribute without fear of discrimination or judgement for their thoughts and opinions.

By having this environment, it ensures everyone who attends can speak openly about what they would like the community to know about being a person living with disability and how it can impact everyday life in so many ways.

The DARE Steering Committee members’ energy, passion and input will assist in making the  DARE education program a positive and informative training experience for the whole community.

A huge thanks to ALL the DARE Steering Committee members who attended. We are greatly looking forward to the next meeting and the next stage in this vital program's development.

For more information about DARE, click here

Our steering committee ensures that DARE will have

The Right Resources
The Right Information
The Right People

Updates on the progress and rollout of the DARE program, including how to get involved, will be on Facebook and Twitter!
Stay tuned

*Image: Pixabay