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How SEE Helped Jayden Find his Spark

22 May 2018 - An excellent way to celebrate Education Week for 2018 is to look at how programs like Skills for Education and Employment can impact the lives of young people who don't click with mainstream education. Meet Jayden!

Jayden spent a year in the SEE Youth class, starting in February 2017. He was a bright and thoughtful student, genuinely interested in the world and the people around him. Although very keen to learn, he found that mainstream school wasn’t the place for him, as he felt stifled by the rules and regulations, in particular the set timetable and the uniform. He decided to join our class and to continue his learning in a completely different environment.

Jayden was immediately at home and quickly became very well liked and respected by the other students. He had control of his own learning, and was able to focus on what he needed to learn to achieve his goals, and what he found interesting for its own sake. He enjoyed the time spent away from traditional learning activities; studying for and receiving his Learner Permit, cooking, gardening, hiking and so on.

Jayden worked very hard on his numeracy skills, as he hoped to complete a pre- apprenticeship in electrotechnology, followed by an apprenticeship as an electrician. His natural aptitude for mathematics soon became apparent, and he continued to develop his skills well beyond the level required for an apprenticeship, knowing that if in the future he decided to study electrical engineering at university, he would be well prepared.

Jayden’s hard work led to his being awarded a WCIG Board Scholarship, and he received a high specification Dell laptop to help him with his studies and his career. This was followed by a FutureTech scholarship, which covered nearly all of the costs of the pre-apprenticeship.

He completed his Certificate II in Electrotechnology in May 2018, and immediately found an apprenticeship, commencing his Certificate III in June.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have Jayden as a student. We are very proud of him and we wish him all the best for the future.

(Jayden's story was provided to us courtesy of our amazing SEE Youth Trainer, Joanna. Thank you Joanna!)

WCIG runs the SEE Program in Flemington, Roxburgh Park (Adult streams) and Ascot Vale (Youth stream). SEE is a no-cost* program which assists people with literacy, numeracy and other life skills with the view to prepare individuals to reach their learning and career goals.

For more information about WCIG's SEE Program, contact us on 03 9689 3437 or email

*Eligibility criteria apply