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NDIS - Finding and Keeping a Job & SLES

06 Aug 2018 - The NDIS is fast approaching the West of Melbourne, set to commence on the 1st October 2018. What better time to talk about supports that are available and need to be discussed in a planning meeting.

WCIG has been supporting individuals with a disability to find employment for over 30 years through our Disability Employment Service (DES). The NDIS is committed to supporting participants in a way that facilitates their independence and skill building. WCIG is dedicated to the continued support of individuals who have a desire to work. For those individuals who are not eligible for support through our DES, WCIG can support an NDIS participant to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence with the aim of gaining employment.

Our services may grow in the near future. Keep up to date with our Disability Newsletter.

Finding and Keeping a Job

These supports can be provided to any NDIS participant who has been approved for the support category ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’. We will be supporting participants individually or in a small group, depending on the participant’s aspirations and requirements. Areas of focus will be determined by individuals and can include, but are not limited to, preparing for work including presentation and communication, resume writing, understanding employer expectations, pre-employment skills, interacting with other people and travel training.

School Leavers Employment Support

School Leavers Employment Support (SLES) also falls within the scope of ‘Finding and Keeping a Job’. SLES comprises individualised supports for any NDIS participant in year 12 with the aim of assisting them to transition from school to employment. Due to SLES being individualised the support required is dependent on the person and can be or up to 2 years after finishing year 12. We would be delivering vocational skills development and contribute to the individual achieving an employment outcome. These supports are tailored to the individuals support needs and aspirations. Activities may include, for example, a discovery process to identify vocational skills and interests, work experience, travel training, communication and money handling.

For a participant of the NDIS to receive this funding in their plan they must have a goal related to employment. It is suggested that they are prepared for their meeting with an employment goal specifying that support is necessary to gain the skills required to maintain employment. It would be beneficial to take the following documentation to the planning meeting if you have it: school transition plan, school reports or assessments, work experience reports, volunteer reports, a Job capacity assessment form Centrelink.

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