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Meet Jake - Creating Art and Inspiration

19 Nov 2018 - Recognising the tenacity of a local young artist.

Jake was undertaking his Traineeship at Crown Street Stables Cafe in September 2018, and it was at this time that he caught the attention of Anne McMahon, Director of the Flem-Ken Festival of Art and Ideas.

Anne, who is involved with The Rotary Club of Flemington's Vocational Services, is also an artist/educator/researcher who "recognises the importance of arts based engagement as a career pathway for young people who experience challenges in navigating what are commonly held to be normal academic and work pathways."

It was quickly clear that Jake’s attitude and dedication to his ideas and inspiration made him a perfect candidate to exhibit his fabulous artwork at the upcoming exhibition within the Flem-Ken Festival. Anne was thrilled to welcome his work into the exhibition; "To make art requires courage and to display one’s art work in public even more so. Jake's keenness to frame one of his favourite works and offer it for Auction to raise funds for community projects, as he said 'to give back to the community' also marks him as a young person of good character and quality."

Pleasingly, Jake’s work sold for twice the reserve price at the auction and he was also offered a commission on the night by an attendee to the exhibition.

Anne tells us that in the early days of the Festival Jake’s story was told to a group of visiting students from the Kensington Community High School. These students were inspired to return the following week with a series of their own works which were subsequently displayed in the Festival Hub and several of their works were also sold. This kind of ripple effect in other young people's lives is a fantastic and humbling thing to see.

Jake's qualities and character have subsequently led to Rotary Club of Flemington approaching his school’s Principal with a proposal to nominate Jake for the Rotary Shine Award. This Award recognises individuals who inspire others even though they face various challenges in their own lives. 

We also understand that Jake’s art work will be included in a new exhibition at the Crown Street Stables opening on December 1.

WCIG is preparing to welcome Jake to continue his journey toward his education and career goals. Well done on your achievements so far, Jake! We look forward to working with you.

- Thanks to Dr Anne McMahon from The Rotary Club of Flemington for assisting us to tell Jake's story