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A DES Success Story; Joan's Road to Recovery

At 43 years of age, Joan was recovering from a serious illness when she first met with her DES Employment Consultant. Inspired by the support that she had received during her treatment, Joan had her heart set on being a Pathology Courier. However, Joan had never been employed; she had no training, references and or computer skills. What she did have, was determination. Seeing this, her EC set about creating a pathway for her to achieve her goal and soon after Joan was enrolled in a Certificate of III in Pathology. The course wasn’t easy for Joan but her greatest obstacle came after she had completed the course. There were few vacancies for Pathology Couriers and what opportunities did exist required candidates to have professional work experience. Not one to quit Joan enrolled in a Certificate IV in Pathology, determined to make up for all that she lacked in work experience by expanding her qualifications. In the meantime she spent countless hours with her EC in mock interviews to better hone her interview technique. One year later Joan’s perseverance had paid off, not only had Joan made a full recovery but she successfully gained employment with a leading health provider in Melbourne’s west, as a Pathology Collector.  

“I’m so happy to wake up in the morning and go to work, it’s given my life new meaning and I get such satisfaction from knowing that I can be there for others in their time of need. Without WCIG it would never have been possible” Joan