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Disability Employment Services

At WCIG we don’t see barriers, we see opportunities. Our Disability Employment Services assist people living with a psychiatric, physical or sensory disability in gaining meaningful and sustainable employment. We believe that people with a disability should be supported in their efforts to join the workforce and we work closely with both job seekers and employers to make this happen.

Funded by the Australian Federal Government, Disability Employment Services are uncapped. This means jobseekers have immediate access to the services that they need including capacity building, training, work experience and other interventions to best prepare job seekers for employment.

Our services provide job seekers with access to individually tailored employment services that are both flexible and responsive to their needs, with strong links to training and skills development, particularly in areas of local skills shortages.

Physical and Sensory Disability

If you've had an injury or illness, or have a physical or sensory illness disability, we can assist you to look for work that will accommodate your specific needs.

Not only will your consultant assist you to look for work, we'll speak to the employer on your behalf, discuss any adaptive equipment you may require and talk to them about how they can make any adjustments in the workplace that will enable you to do your job.

We'll also advise your employer on how to go about getting government funding for any adaptive equipment and offer them advice on the best way to communicate with you.

WCIG wants to make sure you are comfortable in your new job, so we listen to what your interests are and try to match your work interest with a job.

Our offices have adaptive equipment, such as TTY telephones, large screen computers and text readers and access to interpreting services.

Mental Illness

Living with mental illness doesn’t have to keep you from getting a job. WCIG consultants are experienced in working with job seekers who might experience one or more mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

We’re aware of the potential issues that these illnesses may present when you’re looking for employment. We will work with you beyond simply looking for a job. We offer counselling and advice on how to integrate work into your daily life, and issues around telling work mates or employers about your mental illness in a confidential environment.

Coping mechanisms - dealing with potential stigma, and negotiating flexible hours are some of the things you can talk to us about once you have found a job, we continue to support you for as long as you need.

WCIG also creates jobs for people living with mental illness though the establishment of social firms Cleanable, LoveLuvo and Outside Branch Property Maintenance.

How we can assist you

We want to see you succeed in your new role. Our Disability Employment Services program developers and implements practical training that can provide you with skills. We can also provide training on the job. We work with you to ensure you're able to do the job, from the first day of employment.

We also offer confidence and self-esteem building courses and referrals to relevant support and training services. We can help you organise work trial to enhance your skills.

Consultants offer one-on-one assistance in the following areas:

  • Setting your employment goals
  • Professional resume and application writing
  • Interview preparation
  • Skills testing
  • Access to Internet, phone, fax, photocopier and newspapers
  • Weekly jobsearch group and voluntary jobsearch facilities
  • Transport to interviews
  • Work related counseling
  • Referral to relevant training and support services
  • Confidence and self esteem courses
  • Employment-related financial assistance
  • Help with contacting employers
  • Job vacancies
  • Job matching to suit your skills and interests
  • Work trials to develop skills
  • Negotiating working conditions which reflect your needs
  • Supported employment placement
  • Work site modifications and adjustments
  • Wage subsidies
  • Continuing support whilst you are working

Translating and interpreting services are also available.

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