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WCIG Vision Statement and Strategic Goals


Workforce participation for all.


Creating futures through workforce participation for people experiencing disadvantage.


These are the things we value and aspire to in our work:

  that embrace dignity, community and mutual respect
  that is lived out in positive attitudes about people and expectations of success and growth
  including creativity, responsiveness, risk taking and flexibility
  that acknowledges differences and appreciates the diverse needs and skills of each person
  that makes us socially pro-active for the disadvantaged
  who are committed to the goals of the organisation and their own development

Strategic Directions 2013 - 2018

Core Business

WCIG’s Core business focuses on services that assist people to:
  • Overcome personal barriers
  • Gain vocational skills or further their education
  • Prepare for employment
  • Find employment
  • Remain in employment
  • Advance their careers

Strategic Goals

WCIG’s Board in conjunction with the senior managers have identified four main areas that will underpin WCIG’s activities over the next five years.

1.       Innovation and Service Excellence
We consistently deliver high quality, effective services to create futures for those affected by disadvantage
Goal 1: Ensure quality services by having systems and processes that are effective and continue to meet our needs
Goal 2: Embrace innovation and emerging services and business models
Goal 3: Ensure a participant-centred, wrap-around approach to our services
2.       Strategic Partnering
We maximise skills and resources when organisations or people work together
Goal 1: Collaborate with other organisations that compliment WCIG activities in order to minimise duplication and effectively use our areas of expertise
Goal 2: Create and maintain strategic relationships which are responsive and meet the needs of employers and industry to maximise opportunities for our participants
Goal 3: Maintain excellent working relationships in order to influence effective responses for those experiencing disadvantage in workforce participation
3.       People
We value our people and will continue to invest in a dedicated and highly trained workforce
Goal 1: Ensure we attract the workforce to meet our needs
Goal 2: Resource, train and support staff appropriately to achieve high quality results
Goal 3: Ensure our working environment is cohesive, positive, productive and supportive
4.       Organisational Sustainability
By working to secure futures for disadvantaged people we recognise that we need to build a sustainable organisation
Goal 1: Sustain a secure financial asset base
Goal 2: Provide strong governance
Goal 3: Be an environmentally responsible organisation