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WCIG Statement of Purpose

Westgate Community Initiatives Group Inc. (WCIG) is committed to affirming the dignity of all people and the right of every individual to a meaningful role in society. As a public benevolent institution, WCIG seeks to directly relieve the poverty, distress, suffering and helplessness caused by unemployment.

In its structure and operation WCIG will be community based and open in its membership to all who agree with its aims.

WCIG is a not for profit organisation and all money and resources received or generated by the organisation, or by any of its projects will be used for the furthering of its aims and not for the pecuniary profit of its members.

In pursuit of its ideals WCIG will focus its activities in the Western Region and seek to respond to the needs of disadvantaged people by the following specific means:

  • Establish employment training projects which will provide skills for employment, personal development, hope and empowerment, at no charge to those people disadvantaged by unemployment.

  • Provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged unemployed people through job creation projects.

  • Encourage more appropriate and creative attitudes and models for work and employment.

  • Act as an advocate for unemployed and disadvantaged unemployed people through representation in the media, government and the wider community.

  • Undertake research into issues that relate to the unemployment situation.
  • Undertake other activities of direct relief and benefit to disadvantaged unemployed people as required and appropriate.