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WCIG established Cleanable Property Maintenance Services in 2005 as a start-up social enterprise to create jobs and transitional employment pathways for job seekers with a mental illness. Six years on, our initial offering of commercial cleaning services has grown to include domestic cleaning and office and home maintenance.

With an integrated workforce that comprises 25% of staff with a mental illness, Cleanable Property Maintenance Services has successfully established a business model that is adaptable to the needs of our staff. Modifications required for our staff with a disability are built in to the design and operation of our workplace, and with great effect as the business continues to experience significant growth.
Cleanable Property Services recently acquired Open Space Maintenance and as of 2011, is now expanding its services to include the provision of Asset Maintenance, Landscaping, Tree Management, Weed Control and Rubbish Removal.  With both Private and Local Government contracts currently being serviced, OSM is providing staff with a disability with much needed on-the-job work experience and recognised training in Horticulture.
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